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Managing multiple WordPress projects

Over the years we have created custom content management systems (CMS) & E-commerce websites for our customers. Since 2009, we focused on using Open source software, such as osCommerce, Joomla & WordPress. Out of these somewhere down the line we focused only on WordPress after seeing how creatively it was used by companies worldwide. And I’m glad we never had to regret the decision because WordPress economy is just maturing.

Creating websites with WordPress is getting simpler everyday with so many great free and commercial themes and plugins available. No matter what the client’s budget, it has become easier to offer them a solution built on top of WordPress. However with growing number of WordPress sites to manage, some of the 2 biggest issues we faced in the past were:

  • Time spent on logging into each WordPress sites to do basic tasks
  • Multiple steps involved for taking complete backups


WordPress Management tools like ManageWP were available however the additional cost was not something that we could have justified to our local customers. We wanted something that we could control and was as simple as WordPress itself in terms of management. Luckily we found InfiniteWP and since then never needed anything else. Some of the reasons why we choose InfiniteWP:

  • Self-Hosted & Free - Being free and self-hosted means no up-front cost and we could easily pass on the savings to our clients making our prices even more competitive.
  • 1 click Upgrade – Upgrading the core software is as simple as updating a WordPress site. It just takes 1 click.
  • Awesome support – Yes they do offer support for the base product for free. To make it even better you could initiate a support request right from the InfiniteWP backend.
  • Addons for all essential tasks – Many different add ons are available to further expand the features of InfiniteWP. Some of these include Schedules Cloud Backups, Malware Scanner, Up-time Monitor and Cloning.

As there are no limits on the number of sites you can manage, the only cost if ever are for the addons. So now we do not waste our time logging into multiple client websites. We login to a single control panel to do most of the basic WordPress tasks.

Next week, I will publish a post with details on our WordPress development workflow and the other tools we use for syncing database and deploying websites.